Spring Valley High School

Spring Valley High School-
as we remember

"Syver" and his family


by Tom Gunderson - Class of '58
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The building once housing the Spring Valley Schools no longer exists.

The demolition was completed in October, 2021.

The land has been sold and a church will be built on the site.

Click on Link: Last Visit and Demolition - by the Langer Brothers
Click on Link: Memories of That Old Brick Building - by Don Blegen

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2023 - SVHS Reunions - 2023

Class of 1964 - 59th Reunion
This is an annual Reunion
Friday, September 8, 2023 at Noon (1st Friday after Labor Day)
at Handy Andy Park, Highway 29, Spring Valley, WI
Bring a dish to pass and provide your own utensils, paper plates and cups, drinks



Photos - Gals' Luncheons & All Class Reunions

2017 Gals' Luncheon 2017 All Class
2015 Gals' Luncheon  





The Pierce County Historical Association - Military Veterans - Click here for details.


Spring Valley Flood - 1942

Submitted by Dick Lowater several years ago.

Dick's father, Don Lowater was the Editor/Publisher of the Spring Valley Sun

during the days of the DisastrousFlood.


A Look Back in Time: A DVD has been made available to you.

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SVHS Staff & Alumni

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Author Sharon Wettleson

John Kirk - his gift of music Tribute to Doug Blegen

Mary & Shirley visit Mrs. Nestigen

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