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The Pierce County Historical Association is looking for men & women who served in the military that were from Pierce County. Following is a guideline to follow for those who lived in Pierce county for at least 10 years and served in any part of the military. They are using this info and pictures, if you have them, for a history display next summer.  Just fill in the information you have and skip the rest.





Place of birth/residence in Pierce County:

Name of parents:

Date of Entry into Service:

Draftee or Enlistee?

Brance of Military (Army, Marines, etc.):

Boot Camp Location:

Trained as (What job?):

Where Served:

Any Major Battles or arenas:


Decorations/Medals earned:

Length of Service:

Discharge date:

What War?

Date of death (if applicable):


This is meant as a guide only...if you do not know all the answers, send what you do know. A photograph of the veteran would be appreciated when possible.


Many SVHS graduates served in the military and should be included in this display. You may also be aware of other relatives or acquaintences who have also served.  Each and every person who has served really deserves recognition.


*Please use a separate sheet of paper for each veteran. Please complete and return an information sheet for each veteran you are listing. Include a photo if one is available.


Send to: Pierce County Historical Society

Box 148

Ellsworth, WI 54011


Please return by December 15, 2014.