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Spring Valley High School

Class of 1954

Spring Valley, Wisconsin

Campus Buildings 1950 thru 1954
If these walls could talk!


69th Reunion - August 4, 2023, at The Phoenix, Baldwin, WI

Click on the Reunion Pictures link to see additional photos of this reunion.


Darlene Alton Johnson, Donna Neidermyer Anderson, Esther Sorenson Nelson, Joe Thome, Nancy Timm Kraft,
Russell Spence, Marlene Wanbaugh Aamodt, Irv Vanasse, Oscar Barstad, Kent Klanderman


Class of '54 as Juniors

Standing: Alice Adams, Kent Klanderman, Schuyler Ofstie.

Seated: Barbara O'Connell, Mary Larson, Marion Schuaeder, Donna Neidermeyer, Peg Madson, LaVonne Safe, Cherie Larson, Lois Faber.

Standing: Eugene Stein, Joe Thome, Teddy Hinzman, Tom Meier.

Seated: Don Adank, Arnie Harrison, Joyce Peterson Bob Rutherford, Ron Thompson, John Miller, Nancy Timm, Betty Thompson.


Standing: Ronald Shafer, David Freiberg, Merlin Holderud, LaVern Aamodt, Neil Van, Morris Hopwood.

Seated: Oscar Barstad, Don Croes, Marlene Wanbaugh.