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Stages of Demolition - Going, Going, Gone! Now, a memory!





The Langer Boys

Following is a note from Jay Langer explaining the pictures that were taken of our old SVHS Classroom Building-

On October 16, 2019, my three brothers and I got a tour after classes were dismissed. We spent some time chatting with the office girls and the principal. They said Spring Valley is still a great place to live, a community of neighbors helping neighbors. Then we asked if we could tour the old school so the custodian Jeff Johnson offered to take us around. He had all the keys and was in no hurry to go homeÉ.very accommodating! I snapped pictures along the way that included the highly polished 3rd floor hallway and the old oak floor of the history class where Mr. Baker talked about the upcoming Kennedy election. I even got a picture in the boiler room. So many memories and it was fun to go back. We finished our tour and Jeff took this picture. They thought that within two years the bldg would be gone.
Jay Langer

 The Langer Boys - Pictured above:

Vic ('54) and his Faithful Companion, Major; Bob ('56); Roger ('58); and, Jay ('61)



These photos were taken in early October, 2019.

Somehow this seems much smaller than it was when we were there!

Third Floor Hallway


View from outside the library window


The room Dean was in when Baker said Kennedy would not get elected because he was Catholic.


The slab below our 6th grade window


AJÕs office window


Hunters chalkboard